Friday, May 2, 2014

Project #16 iBook

In the project #16, my group, Hochiminh, did the project on our journey through EDM310. In this project, we have the audio introduce ourself with the group picture.

After that, we have the table of content for our project.

Each member of the group will have a picture and a post about his or herself. We have all our videos we did in EDM310 such as sentence video, passion video, book trailer video, etc.

After all the video, each of us has to chose favorite blog post and put in our iBook. Then we have our gallery pictures about our families, friends, trips, etc with one annotated picture. Finally, we have references page to source all our information on the iBook.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

C4T #4

My teacher for C4T#4 is Ken Halla. In his latest blog post called "Editing in YouTube", there was a video about how to editing a video on Youtube. . In this video, it shows everybody how to use different transitions for picture and the front for text,etc.

youtube My comment: Hello, my name is Anh Nguyen, and I am a student in EDM310 at University of South Alabama. I enjoyed your video about how to editing the video on Youtube. The video explained very detail and clearly directions how to use it. I like how they have all different transitions for picture and front for the text. I am using the iMovie to editing my video in EDM310 class, but after watched your video, I think Youtube have more features than iMovie to edit the video. I will try editing my video on Youtube next time and thank you for posting that video.

C4Ks for April

My C4K#9 was Seini. In her blog, she post a picture of Pohutukawa and seven questions and answers about the Pohutukawa. Here are seven question of her post:

1. Who is the pohutukawa important to?They are important to the animals.

2. Why do people think of it as the New Zealand Christmas tree?Because the red flowers bloom in december.

3. What makes the pohutukawa special?Because this tree provides habitat and food for many creatures.

4. How does the pohutukawa grow?They usually grows faster in warm places.

5. Explain what nectar is.nectar is sweet water that many creatures like to eat.

6. How have pohutukawa trees been used in the past?They got used for shipbuilding and also burnt down to make farmland.


7. What is project crimson and why do you think it was named this?It is a colour and the colour of rata.

My comment: Hello Seini, my name is Anh Nguyen, and I am a student in EDM310 at University of South Alabama. I enjoyed reading your post about the Pohutukawa, and never see that flower before, but after I saw your picture, I think pohutukawa is gorgeous flower. I like how you given questions about pohutukawa flower and the answer for each question. From your blog, I learned about pohutukawa flower and I love it. Great blog!

My C4K#10 was a kid name Phaezon. In her post, Phaezon was talking about the life cycle of butterfly. Phaezon posted a chart about butterfly such as special adaptation,graphic, audience appeal, and clarity of message. Phaezon also created a video about butterfly too.

My comment: Hello Phaezon, my name is Anh Nguyen, and I am a student in EDM310 at University of South Alabama. I enjoyed reading your post about life cycle of a butterfly. The chart is really detail about the butterfly. After reading your post, I learned many new things about butterfly. Great blog.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blog Post #13

For this week, my blog post #13 is create an assignment for a blog post. I create a blog post with apps to help the elementary teachers to use in their classroom. I believe this post will be useful for all of us as future educator. Research for website have games in different subjects for learning is really helpful for teachers and students. The games should be in different subjects such as math, social studies, language art, and reading. Each of games has to have a brief description for what purpose of the game.
games online

For mathematics: Power your racecar by adding fractions and win the race, this game uses adding fraction and win the race. Students need to adding fraction as fast as they can,the speed of the car will increase if the students adding fraction correctly and fast. After the game, it will give the student the results of time and math problems. Most of boy students will love this game, it will make their learning fun while study and practice.

math game
For reading,The color green reading comprehension, this game have a passage about something, after the students reading the passage, it have few questions about the passage. If the student shoos the wrong answer, it will give a student second chance to pick out another the answer. I think this game help students' reading comprehension getting better.

For social studies,US symbol matching game, there are 50 states with their flats and symbol. A student need to choose the flat or symbol for the state given on the question. The game give sound feedback for right and wrong answer.This game helps students be able to remember symbol for each state and the flat of each state.

map game
For language art, using correct form of to be , this game has 10 questions for form of to be, each question has a blank for students to choose the correct answer. After the students finish, they can view their report for the game. This game will be useful for all students to practice their language art skill.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Project #12 part B

SMARTBoard Project Part B from Savannah Price on Vimeo.

Blog Post #12

In the video Teaching Math to The-Blind, professor Art Karshmer at University of San Francisco introduced to us the idea how blind person can do math. His idea is to build the advice to lay the simple math problem using small block have Braille in the front and visual number on the phone, and they can read on the grid by using their finger to solve the problem. As a educator in the future, I learn that this idea will be really useful for my classroom if I have disabilities student such as blind student in my class. I think I can show the blind student to do math with their finger, but with larger number, I think the Braille system is really helpful. Mathematics is a hard subject for the blind person to learn, but with this system, I think blind student will be able to learn and do math like other students.

teaching math for blind person

In the video iPad usage for the blind, I learned a lot of useful information about the blind person using a iPad to read book and others things. Whenever the blind person touches the screen, the voiceover will give them the navigation and direction to where they want to go. However,Wesley Majerus demonstrated how to use iPad to read book on iBooks. The voice gives Wesley Majerus options to what he wants to do, if he wants to go to the library in iBook, he has to double tap, so the iPad will take him to the iBook library. I think iPad becomes a friend for blind persons, it helps them read book and others situations.

 blind person


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Blog Post #11

In "Back to the future",what did we learn from watching Brian Crosby? From watching his lecture we learned that he makes students accountable for their own education. He makes and assigns fun projects to keep his students interested. A fun project he created for his students was the High Hopes Project. This project allowed the students to take full responsibility and complete this project independently. They had to contact other students from other different schools through only blogs. One of his main points from his lecture, was to empower students to learn on their own. He mentioned that throughout a classroom, there is always a way for students to not only learn but participate as well. The most important thing we learned from Mr. Crosby was him lecturing about high test scores. He believes that high test scores do not mean a more fun and better classroom, or education. He believes that a great education comes from birthright. Rather than students attending a school with high scores.

In Blended Learning Cycle video, I learned that there are 5 E’s to learning science: engage, explore, explain, expand, and evaluate. The five E’s can be blended with online resources and classroom instruction. The learning blended cycle is created by combining the blended classroom and the 5 E’s. The video instructs us that it is okay to stop and make sure we have an understanding of what is going on. As a future teacher, we want our students to be able to take what they have learned and apply it to daily experiences. Mr. Paul Anderson states that blended learning is taking the techniques of online, mobile, and classroom learning and blending them together. Two things were presented in this video. One was the power of the question and the other was the power of learning. There are many ways to do it, such as start with a good question and/or hook. You have to have something that will get the students attention right off the bat. Next, you want the students to investigate, experiment, and use inquiry learning. You have a video, elaboration, review, and summary quiz. Mr. Anderson had several good points in his video. We think the Blended Learning Cycle is a great tool that will be very helpful in the classroom. It is a great approach for students to learn something and to help the students who are not so engaged in learning become more engaged.

blended learning cycle
After watching Mark Church's video on "Making Thinking Visible," we have learned that by giving students a driving question to focus on is a great way to begin a project. I believe it is very useful to actually give a question and have the children research and collaborate as a group. I really like how Mark Church had each group come up with a headline and share it with the class. By doing this, it allows the students to hear from each other and look into the topic in different perspectives. I also think that by looking at their headline two weeks from the beginning of the project really let's the student focus on how things change after hearing more about the subject. I believe it is a very good learning tool for students to have an idea about how something will happen, and then when the lesson is over they get to look back and make a new conclusion on the topic presented.

thinking visible
From Sam Pane's video, we learn how to be a Super Digital Citizen. I like how he used Superman as he began his lecture. It is very important to begin a lecture and capture the students attention. We can do this by associating the topic with something they all know about. Sam Pane really got his class involved when he used a Superman quote at the beginning of his lecture. The students in this 5th grade class are asked to create their own Super Digital Citizen comic character. From Sam Pane, we can learn that it is important to talk about internet safety with the class before a project like this is started. He incorporated internet safety into a Super Hero character. We can also learn that it is important to create your own Digital Citizen to show the class how to prepare one before setting them loose on their own. I agree with Pane in that using the students own picture gives them a sense of ownership with their comic. By building comics, students can analyze structure and really build a complete narrative. We can learn that it is important for the students to be able to go around and look at their peers to get ideas about their own citizen. I really enjoyed watching this video, and we can learn a lot about teaching from Sam Pane. Some take home messages from this video include: analyze how visual and multimedia elements contribute to text, write narratives to develop imagined experiences or events, and ask and answer questions.

In the video, Project Based Learning, we learn in the beginning that the students were having a tough time engaging in their work and were disinterested. The teachers do not have enough time to cover all the necessary material. Using Project Based Learning, they get a deeper understanding of the material. Prior to using Project Based Learning the teachers ran into several roadblocks while teaching their students. These roadblocks include trying to cross curriculum. As explained in the video, Canadian History and Canadian Literature should not be hard to do, but due to limited time the teachers could not go into enough detail on these subjects. Incorporating Project Based Learning into the classrooms the teachers were able to spend more time with their kids. By combining curriculum, the students gained more time in the classroom and were better able to go into detail about their projects. This made the students engage in their work and produce something they could be proud of. The students also learned a great deal of Canadian culture that was not a part of the curriculum. For instance, the students learned about poverty, giving back to the community, and how to become a better citizen.

I agree with the teachers in this video about the fact that the time in the classroom is limited and that as teachers we have to get our students to enjoy the subjects we are trying to teach. Project Based Learning is a very helpful strategy that should be incorporated into all the classes. It allows the students to work together and do the research, and really go into detail about the subject.

project based learning
According to the video, Roosevelt Elementary’s PBL program, PBL consists of five different things: in depth learning, integrated thematic instruction, based on a real world problem, research based, project and presentation. The teachers at Roosevelt Elementary collaborate together to come up with projects for their students to do. They always make sure to use the state standards as guidelines for what they want their students to learn. On top of that, skills such as teamwork, doing research, and developing real world problem solving skills are learned. That is what makes PBL so successful and special to the students. The parents of these students really like this program and think that it is a very good program for their kids. The PBL program at this school also allows their students to make their own decisions about how to do their project. All students learn in different ways and allowing them to make their own decisions, allow the students to think critically on their own and learn the material their way. The teachers also incorporate public speaking into the presentations. They recognize that in the real world, being able to communicate with one’s workers and speak correctly in front of them is a great way to get a job or a promotion. Getting the kids to be able to speak correctly in front of people at such a young age will only benefit them in the future. All teachers agree that PBL gets all the kids involved in their school work. They all agree that PBL is much better than having students sit in their desks for hours on end. Using PBL they get involved in a subject and with each other. They find out that other students have different learning styles, and the learn how to work together. PBL is also a good way to combine the curriculum of different subjects. For example one topic might include a state standard from the writing section, reading section, history section, and speech section. This allows more material to be learned in a smaller time frame and the students seem to enjoy PBL more. All the parents that send their kids to this school agree that PBL is the best way to teach them is through PBL. I really enjoyed hearing about the success that PBL is having at Roosevelt Elementary. It is inspiring to hear about these kids dedicating themselves to their school work and learning as much as they can. I believe that PBL is a great teaching strategy, mostly because it can incorporate different subjects into a small time frame. Also within the small window, the students learn how to work together and put together presentations.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


My first C4T#3 is the blog of Mr.Brendan Jones, he is a PE teacher. "Stimulator?Assimilator?" is the title of Mr. Jones's post. In "Stimulator?Assimilator?" post, Mr. Jones talked about how do you go about planning and implementing your ideas for school. Mr. Jones's idea is to integrate Google Apps as an approach to support innovative teaching. He was looking, research, study, asking questions of others and reading amazing blogs for useful information to give him good tips to finish his planning. Mr. Jones love to read about other people, places that have done things similar to what I plan to do, from there he can get more information and experiences to make his plan better. Mr. Jones also talked about how people copy someone's ideas will end up with conflicts and tensions.

My comment: Hello Mr. Jones, my name is Anh Nguyen. I am a student in EDM 310 at University of South Alabama . I complete agree with you that copy someone else’s ideas , we will end up with strains and frays. I also like how you used an example of buy local coffee on holiday , and the coffee is not taste the same at home. Like us, if I copy someone’s ideas, it sounds right, but that ideas have no especial thoughts for it; I copy it because I like it same with you buy a coffee because you like it.

My second C4T#3 is the blog of Mr. Brendan Jones again. This time, " GoPro in PE" is the title of Mr. Jones's post. In this post, Mr. Jones showed us how to use the camera to recording his students performances to help make a school promotional video. Mr. Jones stated that camera is a very usable device for physical activity.

My comment: Hello Mr. Jones, my name is Anh Nguyen, and I a student in EDM 310 at University of South Alabama. I really the idea that you use the GoPro camera in your classroom. I think If we are using camera and record students' performance , they can see it later and know what they did good and bad, so they can do it better for next time. On another hand, we can use the video we recorded for experiences and show other students how to do it.

Mr. Jones

C4K for March

C4K # 5 is Dillon's blog. In this post, Dillion talked about getting new beat headphone. Dillion got new headphone few days after Christmas at BestBuy. Dillion's favorite colors are blue, green and read, and Dillion decided to get red headphone. Dillion choose the solo HD headphone because he likes the sound, and it is $100 cheaper. Two months later, when Dillion went sleepover at his friend house, he was mad because he broke his new headphone. However, Dillion called BestBuy, and they gave him another new headphone for free. Dillion recommended beat headphone for everyone he knows.

My comment: Wow! Dillon,it is nice to know that you get another headphone for free. Red is my favorite color too.I do not have any beats headphone, but after I saw you recommend these headphone to everyone, I think I will get one soon. You did good job on your blog, and I hope to see more of your post.

My C4K#6 is Faauiga blog, and " Faauiga's Ambury Farm Story" is the title of her post. In the post, Faauiga made a video and talk about her farm story. Moreover, she created a picture of herself and her chicken.

My comment: I really like the story about your chicken. I wish I can have a chicken, so I can feed the chicken and get some eggs from them like you do. You did good job on the picture , I really like it. I hope to see more of your post.

My C4K#7 is Puawai's blog. "My personal goal-2014" is the title of Puawai's post. In this post, Puawai made a list of her goals for 2014 such as read more book and get higher level on her AR, learn to do division, timetable and learn more maths strategies, have the right attitude and get better behavior.

My comment: Hello Puawai, my name is Anh Nguyen, and I am a student in EDM310 at University of South Alabama. I really like the list of your 2014 personal goals. I think it is a great way for you and everybody to make a list of our goals and try to get it done day by day. I think I should make a list of goal like you, so I can keep up with what I doing and make it better. Great blog! Keep up with the good work.

My C4K#8 is Milaiah's blog. In Mikaiah's post, she told a story about the morning in her bedroom. When Mikaiah's alarm beeping to wake her up in the morning, she pressed the power button six or seven times to turn it off. Mikaiah's mother made breakfast for her and her brother to eat before they going to school.

My comment: Hello Mikaiah, my name is Anh Nguyen, and I am a student in EDM 301 at University of South Alabama. I really like your story about your morning. I am the same way as you, every morning when my alarm ringing, I hit the snooze button 5 or 6 times before I get up. Wow! You are lucky, your mother making breakfast for you to eat before you go to school. I enjoyed reading your post. Great blog!

comment for kids

Friday, March 28, 2014

Blog post #10 What can we learn from Sir Ken Robinson

In the video Bring on the Education Revolution by Sir Ken Robinson, Robinson believes the world is divided into two categories: the ones who have figured out their talents and passions and the ones who have not. . According to Robinson, there is a major climate crisis of human. Then he talked about education system, and education is currently reforming;Robinson thinks it is bad in this situation because it is simply fixing a broken tool, something that already does not work properly. Moreover, Robinson states that our education system is in need of a revolution like adding technology in the classroom to engaged students to learn. Technology can change our education system and reach students in a way that the past methods can no longer do. He said that what was needed was not an evolution, but a revolution in order to bring about a transformation. Children are in classrooms that feel natural, full of activity and technology that seem natural to children. Mr.Robinson's ideas were to challenge what we know and take for granted and innovate fundamentally. He defines passion as something that excites our soul and that it is different in every person. Passion is when you enjoy something so much that an hour feels like five minutes.We need to customize our education model based on our students and their passions. It is doing what you love.Robinson stated that education has to be re-thought out to be something that is personalized to the students' interests.What I learned from Mr.Robinson's video was that education really does need an entire transformation. Robinson's video really inspiring me about education system.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Project #15

Project Overview



In the project #15, the students will be able to understand ,share information and knowledge about how to save electric power. The project is an individual assignment for each student. The students can use technology such as YouTube, icuiro , blog and others good tools to research information and using Google Docs for the presentation.Each student will indicate their presentation on his or her assigned day. The duration for this project will be one week long. My driving question is what are ten ways you can save electric power at home and in public?

save power

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Blog Post #9 What can we learn from Mrs. Cassidy

Little Kids… Big Potential

In Mrs. Cassidy's interview with Dr. Strange, she stated that all teachers should be technologically literate. I must say that I absolutely agree with her. Mrs. Cassidy not only gave precise details on how to start, but she also demonstrated some of her techniques by making a video titled," Little Kids...Big Potential". In this video, Mrs. Cassidy's students shared with us the various technology they used in the classroom such as blogs, Skype,etc. One student said that he liked to writing blog because he received nice feedback from others person such as his mother, sister, aunts and his friends. Another student said that he like blog because every time he blogs, his writing gets better. The students introduced us to the webpage, they can get online and read whatever they like to read and learn. Mrs. Cassidy has a classroom blog that the students can go to and it has appropriate links for them to click on. They can even pull up their blog at home, which they think is very neat. They made videos of themselves counting and learning the ABC’s that they could go back and watch. Mrs. Cassidy's classroom is equipped with Nintendo DS, which is a hand held gaming device that contains educational games. Ms. Cassidy’s first grade class is a very good example of using Project Based Learning in an excellent way.


Mrs. Cassidy got involved in technology about ten years ago when her classroom was given five computers. These computers could not have programs put on them so all she had was Internet access. She started using these computers for center time and wanted to learn how to make them useful for six-year olds. Mrs.Cassidy began learning how to create blogs and webpages that she could use in her classroom. It takes Ms. Cassidy’s students the whole school year to fully begin to understand technology. She started her webpage about 10 years ago and started her classroom blog about five years ago. Technology in her classroom is a process and she is always trying to add to it. Mrs. Cassidy said that by allowing her students to blog, it has opened doors and has given the students the chance to meet people all over the world, it has allowed parents to keep track of their child’s writing progress, and gives the students the ability to keep up in the technology driven world. Mrs. Cassidy has several techniques she uses in her classroom, but she said it changes from year to year. One of the ideas I could see using in my special education class, would be to use blogging as a rotation in guided reading. She said that she had blogging, spelling activities, and students reading to her all in rotations, and this idea would definitely be one I could implement in my classroom. There are incredible benefits to using some of the approaches that Mrs. Cassidy uses. I think that one of the greatest benefits the students receive from creating a blog is they can see the progress they are making. The blog acts as a type of portfolio. It displays their work and it gives a great timeline of how far they have come each week. It is also beneficial for the parents. It allows them to see what their children are doing and it lets them know what is going on in the classroom.

kids with technology

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Project #14 Project Based Learning Plan #2

Project Overview

Project Calendar


My lesson plan for project #14 is show my students how to save water. "How to save water" is the lesson plan I will teach my second grade student 10 ways to save water and show 10 ways we waste water in our daily life. I think this lesson will take two days, first day is introduction to ten ways to save water, and second day is 10 ways we waste water and give my students assessment. This project will be done in individual , my students can use material in class and at home to draw and write down what are they thinking. After the lesson, my students be able to know how to save water.

how to save water

Blog Post #8

The learning tool that I will use when I begin my career as second or third grade teacher is Spree Learning. This is website that has multiple educational games that promote learning, exploring, thinking, and questioning while bringing high levels of engagement. On spree learning, you can search for games by subject, age or grade level. The site even contained games that were appropriate for children with autism. In Finding Thing , student can be able to find thing in paintings and explanations of why they're there. Moreover, in this game, students can support their vocabulary and developed with thing around them.I will use this tool to to help students acquire and practice skills that are needed to enhance their understanding of science, math, art and history. I will also use this tool as a review of subjects that the students are learning at the time.I chose this tool because I think it will allow me to have all of the students completely and totally engaged 100% of the time. This tool will also allow for the students to have fun while learning.


Another learning that I will use in my future classroom is in Roomrecess. This is a educational game for elementary kids.Moreover, all the games will help students engaged in learning, and it has different level for each age. Most of students nowadays love to playing game;therefore, as educator, we can use these games to help students learning while having fun. In Hangman game, it will help students can find nouns,verbs,adjectives,adverbs and prepositions on information Hangman game provided.It helps students learn new vocabulary, support their thinking. I will use these educational games to engaged my students in learning. Moreover, it can practice problems in math, science,etc.

hangman game

C4T #2

The first C4T #2 was the blog of Ms. Krissy ."Catching Joy" was the title of her post. Ms. Krissy was talking about how her dog always be happy to have goal ,and because she is looking for it,she seeks it out, she appreciates then she be able to accomplish it.As the same way, Krissy explained how she felt like after one long busy day. She improved herself and made her life better.

My comment: I enjoyed reading your post, and it is smart and pretty dog. I agree with you that at the end of busy day, we can look back on what we did, how we did it and what we feel about it. However, for me, I will not let it overwhelming but happy with it. I will let bad things go, so new things can come.

The second C4T #2 was the blog of Ms. Krissy again. This time I read "Stay Connected" in her blog. In this post, she described the gorgeous image of one sunset night in Texas.Ms. Krissy used the sun to represent her difficulties in life, her difficulties are sitting there while the world literally goes on around it. She tried to hide it, ignore it, but it is still there like the sun is doing what it does every single day. On other hand, when she look at this photo, she can see who support, laughed, shared and hug her.

My comment: It is gorgeous picture about sunset in Texas. I love how the glow of golden sun makes all the subjects shaded, and the sun is brilliant in evening. I completely agree with you that something in your life is difficult or that there is something you must overcome. Even you're controlling,hiding or ignoring it;however, it still there. I love the way you used the image to described your expression.

Project #9 Record Video Book Conversation

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blog Post #7 What Can We Learn About Teaching And Learning from Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture was very interest me and incredibly inspiring. This profesor from Carnegie Mellon was an intelligent, down to earth, and creative man. Randy Pausch teaches us what it means to really deal with something. He choose to talk about how to achieve your dreams or enable the dreams of others instead. This was one of the most inspirational lectures I have ever watched in my entire life. Randy is chasing and even achieving your childhood dreams can make such a difference in your life.Childhood dreams are goals one has when young, and can serve as great motivation to attain the things one wants in life. So, what can be learned about teaching and learning from childhood dreams? As it turns out, a great deal. Teachers can be facilitators of their students' dreams. Instilling qualities in students that help them succeed is enabling their childhood dreams. In his case, Randy has been told he does not have much longer to live yet he continues to live with a "nothing is impossible" attitude.

Another interesting point Randy bring up is "Brick Walls." They will always be there and we have to accept that. We should not look at problems in a bad way, but rather a challenge to see if we want something bad enough. Problems will not get in the way of our opportunity if we choose to fight back and go after our goals. When I encounter problems in my classroom I will not give up, instead I will find a solution. There will always be some kind of problem that I am facing in my career, but I know that I will rise up to the challenge every time.

Randy Pausch
The final lesson on teaching and learning is to never give up. As teachers, we should never give up on a student. We need to show them that we are always there to help make them better. And we should never give up on ourselves. Every teacher is going to have a lesson that they spent so much time creating and it fails. Just because one lesson failed doesn't mean they all will. We must learn to never give up, not to complain, work harder and help others. As future educators, we should train ourselves to find the best in everybody. We should surround ourselves with people who will tell us the truth even if it hurts. We should listen to that truth and use it. The Last Lecture is a video I would recommend to anyone. It is an exceptional speech that gives many lessons for the viewer. In this lesson anyone can learn from Randy is what he called a "Head Fake". Randy uses the example of sports. While many children are put into sports. Parents want their kids to, of course, learn how to play football or how to score a touchdown, there are always other lessons to be learned. These are called "head fakes", lessons like working with others, hard-work... This should always be considered while teaching. During any group project these lessons become more useful and needed.

C4K Summary for C4Ks

CK4 #1

My fist C4K is Dillon's blog. In Dillon's blog, he created a post for comic website review. Dillon created two comic strips from two different website. The first comic stripy from the website was called Toondoo. Unlike others websites, Toondoo is not required email, username and password. Moreover, Toondoo has comic characters were color and different background choices. The second comic strip from make belief comix, Dillon did not like this website because the colors were black and white and backgrounds were solid colors. Toondoo became Dillon buddy, and he recommended Toondoo to everyone he knows.

My comment: Dillon, I really like your blog because you are using two comic strips from two websites, so we can see the differences between two websites. I think you are right because the comic strip you made from Toondoo website looks more colorful and has different background choices. After I read your post, I went to the Toondoo website , made a comic strip for my myself and I loved it. Like you said, Toondoo was not required an account like email, username and password. I love to see more of your comics.

C4K #2

My second C4K is James's blog. In James blog, he expressed his feeling to all of his friends in Hongkong. James missed his friends and wish everyone have a good time in Hongkong.

My comment: Hey James, this is Annie from University of South Alabama. I enjoyed reading your post ,and I think you did great job on your post. How was your trip to Hongkong? Are you have any friends when you visited Hongkong? I never been in Hongkong, and I wish I can go there one time like you, James.

C4K #3

In Dillon's blog, he explained what is love. According to Dillon, love is putting some else needs before his now needs. Dillon thinks love is very strong word when it used in the right way by doing something nice. Dillon also said that love can be good thing, and he hopes everyone use it well.

My comment: Hello Dillon, I enjoyed reading your love post. I hope everyone can think like you, Dillon. You're a kind person because you putting someone's need before your need. To me, love is sacred feelings, I can do anything for that person can be happy.

C4K #4

In Gabby's blog, she was introduce about herself. Gabby like to play tennis,basketball and soccer. Moreover, Gabby's hobby are going to forest and hanging out with her friends. Gabby said that her favorite subjects are art, music and math, and she likes to write poetry and frictional stories. Besides that, Gabby loves to dancing, drawing and singing when she home alone.

My comment: Hello Gabby, my name is Anh Nguyen, and I am a student from University of South Alabama. My favorite subjects are art and math too. Most of people I know they hate math, but now I know you like math too. I like to sing too but not dancing. I look really funny when I dance. Great blog and I really enjoyed your post.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Project #8 Book trailer

Blog post #6

A Personal Learning Network is an informal learning network that consists of the people a learner interacts with and derives knowledge from in a personal learning environment. In a PLN, a person makes a connection with another person with the specific intent that some type of learning will occur because of that connection.All educators and all learners can benefit from extending their now personal learning network online- beyond the walls of school, the boundaries of their districts and the limits of their experience. You can also ask for assistance,consolation and collaboration. PLN provides more opportunities for you to learn than you provide it.PLN is easy tool for learners,they need to formulate questions, peoples, places interest you on Facebook, Tweeter, or Youtube. main tools use in PLN I choose to use symbol for my PNL because kids now days can recognize symbol better than a word. Right now, I love to use Youtube to find informations that interest me. I can find videos, places and peoples on Youtube. After I take EDM 310 class, now blogger is another tool for me to connect with others people around the world. With C4T and C4K, I can be able to see other teachers blog and learn the tips and techniques to use in the classroom. ,

I think the PLN is a neat and useful tool for educators and learners. I will use PLN for my future classroom and I hope my students will enjoy PLN.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blog Post #5

Project Based Learning Part 1

As Anthony explains, project allows the students to create a project using all the content at the end of the lesson to show what students had learned. Anthony states that the most important is related to the real world experience. Good project have an audience, keep students interested in mind. The project should have involved community and most importantly it is driven by content. I learned that PBL is not only to show whether students know the material but to help teach the material in a fun and excited way.

Project Based Learning Part 2

Anthony shared with us that not everything was going to help us, so we need to prepared for everything. Anthony gave us example of how one of parent did not want their child to learn culture about Afghanistan, so Anthony has to repeat the wish of parent in his classroom and gave the students another alternative project. According to Anthony, we need to give projects that the students love to do and the parent must be pleasant with the assignment. Anthony said that never limit students with all information, as a teacher, we need to give students opportunity for them to go beyond what we expect them to do. We know that if the students are engaged,that mean they are learning and everything they learn in the classroom is meaningful to them. Sometimes things do not go as planned, teachers need to change assignment at last minutes. Anthony shared a story that his students need to go online and create a comic strip for the story they had read, but the printer wouldn't work and they couldn't print off the comic. Anthony tells the students to write an essay for the most important senses intend print off the comic strip.


online learning
iCurio is online tools that concert few for purposes. Anthony states that iCurio allows students to safety research for images, audios, video and all online medias. As Anthony says that iCurio i a tool that help teachers and students store what they think is valuable. ICurio keeps audios, videos, and images organize. It is useful and safe for student because teachers can monitor what their students doing on the iCurio. Moreover, iCurio let students save their currently works and continue when they get back on later.

Discovery Education

discovery education
As Anthony says that a picture is worth a 1000 words and video must worth a million. Discovery Education is a great tool to let the students watch and get more information from videos. Anthony used Discovery Education to give his students opportunity to watch and listen to the video at the same time, so they can easily understand the content. Discovery is a great place for teachers to support their assignment with illustration or videos.

Tips for Teachers

 creative This was a very amazing conversation to listen to. I think this list will be helpful for my career as a future teacher. Dr. Strange and Anthony were create a list about the tips for teachers. First of all, Dr. Strange states that teachers need to be interested in learning. Dr.Strange gave example that if you are not learner then you will not be successful because we have to be learner and be model that behavior for other people and our students. Anthony suggests that let student work hard and play, so students can learn in fun and excited ways. Another tip Dr. Strange explains is that teachers must be flexible, creative and willing to change the planned at a moment notice. Dr. Strange and Anthony explain that the important to get feedback from an audience, so students can be reflect on works and ultimately revise it to get better results. Overall, hard working teacher who want to be learner and have passion to engaged all students can be an invaluable asset in any school.

Don't Teach Tech-Use It

kids with technology
Anthony says that technology is natural for kids and they enjoy to use it. Anthony explains that teachers shouldn't teach kids technology but use it. As educator, we shouldn't expect perfection when their students using technology.Sometimes, students can learn from their mistakes, and teachers must allow students to reflect on their mistakes, so they can understand why and how they can correct their mistakes. Using technology in the classroom also helps students to express themselves, create what they like and be able to share with other people. Specially, technology is clean and a great tool for students to learn through their mistakes.

Additional Thought About Lesson

As Anthony explains there are four layers to creating lesson: year, unit, week and day. I learned that planning a lesson take a lot of thought. In the first layer, the year includes what content standard have to be covered over the course of the school year. The next layer, the unit is typically a 6-8 weeks time period that the teachers have specific content. In the third layer, the week is weekly plan the teachers have in order to complete a unit. The last layer is day, teachers must complete each week expect amount of work in order. After watching this video, I learned that I have to construct my lesson in the future based on four layers to creating lesson to cover all materials that is expected of the course.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Blog Post #4 What question do we ask? How do we ask?

As the teachers in the future, we surely know that questioning students while teaching can engage students and make the class more interesting in the lesson.What are the right ways to ask questions in the classroom? Basically,after the teachers have taught a concept, the teachers could ask," Does anybody understand or have any question about the lesson?". If the teacher would like for his or her students get engage in the lesson, he or she needs to ask question while teaching.Before the class start, teacher needs to prepared for questions that he or she will asks while teaching instead spends most of his or her time on powerpoint.

Typically,when a teacher asks question and gets correct answers,he or she will move on to the next subject. However, play with question is a better way for students to keep their minds continue thinking about different answers or ideas for that question. Nevertheless, a teacher should ask such questions that helps students practice their skill,communicate with the facts and ideas for the lesson's goals. Specially, a teacher needs to ask clear and specific question to make sure that students understand what is the question about. Usually, a teacher could not ask more than one question at once because most of students confuse which question they should answer. Therefore, a teacher should pauses five to seven seconds after asking question for students to answer it. Do not interrupt students' answers even it is wrong answer. As the teachers, we need to keep students learning by ask them explain their thought and get better answer for it.

how to ask question

There are two types of question:

Open questions is a question has more than one answer and all answer could be possible to the right concept.For example,"Can you explain this concept in your own words? There is no right or wrong answer for this question.

Closed questions is a question has only one answer and either "yes" or "no". For example, what many hour a day? There is only one answer for that question.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blog Post #3 How Can You Provide Meaningful Feedback to Your Peers

After I watch the video What is Peer Editing, I learned plenty informations about peer editing. What is peer? Peer is someone at your own age. What is editing? Editing means making suggestions, comments, compliments and changes to writing. Peer editing is working with someone at your age to help improve, revise and edit his or her writing.

There are three steps to peer editing:

1. Compliments

The first rule for peer editing is stay positive ,you're helping someone improved his or her writing. The second rule is tell the writer what you think about his or her writing.

stay positive
2. Suggestions

Suggestions is contributing the author some specific ideas to help his or her writing better such as word choice, using details, organization, sentences and topic.

word choice
3. Corrections

Corrections means checking paper for spelling, grammar, missing punctuation and incomplete or run-on sentences.

There are ten peer editing mistakes I learned after I watched the humorous video. First of all, I learn that the first rule for peer editing is compliment, not to point out every errors. Do not be too picky or too loud. If you do not understand anything, you can talk to your peer, and do not interrupt others people around you. You should stay on the topic and be specific on your suggestions. Remember, you cannot be mean or rude with your peer's writing, always say something positive.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blog Post #2, What Will Teaching in the 21 Century be like ?

Mr.Dancealot's video.

1.The central message of Mr. Dancealot's video is teachers need to teach and let the students see what they doing while they teaching the lesson. Teachers must let students ask question if students do not understand anything. In the video, Mr. Dancealot was showed the power point and danced behind the table, his students cannot see what he doing. When the student stand up and practice for the dance movement, Mr.Dancealot did not allow them to do that. That action is completely wrong for teacher to be in the classroom.

2.On the final test day, Mr.Dancealot told everyone gets a partner and dances while he has his camcorder on to recording his students' dance test.Nobody knows how to dance because Mr.Dancealot did not let his students practice anything.

3. I agree with this conclusion because the way Mr.Dancealot teach is wrong, students did not learn anything, the class is bring and he did not create any activity for student to participate. Because Mr.Dancealot did not let his student see how he dance and did not let his student practice, on the test day, nobody knows how to dance and get confuse .

 practice dance
Teaching in the 21st Century

Teaching In the 21st Century is completely changing the way of teaching. The world is continue changing with better technology everyday .Teaching in the 21st Century according to Roberts Kevin means to use laptops and iPads for research and study instead of used pencil and paper like they used to. The question was post on the video is "What does Creation mean today?" As said by Roberts, creation means blogging, podcasting, animating, planning ,recording, designing and programing. I believe the teachers need to educated about varies of technology to teach the students to handle these creation such as validate information, synthesize information, leverage information, communicate information, collaborate information and problem solving.

In the Roberts's video, it gave examples tools for the students to study such as Facebook,youtube, google, blogs and tweeter. The students can find information on anything , anywhere at anytime by using these tools. There are others teaching skill like paraphrasing, attributing, subscribing, editing, searching, networking, experimenting. If Roberts is correct about teaching in 21st Century, it will affects to all educators. All teachers need to learn about latest technology knowledge to use for teaching. Teachers should change the way they been teaching and use varies tools to guide and teach their students different to learn. As a teacher in the future, I must engage with students to help them to used technology for study in correctly way. Moreover, teachers to must create activities along with the lesson, so the students may have long term and meaningful results.It will be responsibility for all educators to teach the student how to communicate properly by being reliable.


The Networked Student

It is wonderful to know that the networked student learn and do everything without the textbook and teacher. Networked student learn through web based instead of lecture based. Moreover, the networked student is a model for construction of personal learning environment. It is opportunity to customize the teaching environment for individual learners.

Why does the networked student even need a teacher ?If networked student does not need teacher, all educators are become obsolete. Obviously, it is impossible. The teachers are still have important role for all networked students because they need someone to guide and show them how to access the network and find out all limitless information. Networked student can do anything, but when they have troubles and issues, they need someone to help them fix and solve the problems. The teacher have great knowledge to provide information for students to communicate properly. Furthermore, teachers construct the students consider useful information and recognize right and wrong information. Although the student no longer use pencil and paper, the educators alway have important role in education.

networded student

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

In this video, Vicki Davis guide her students how to use Wiki Teen, so the students in her classroom can post their assignments and connect with others students around the world through blogging. Wiki Teen is a global collaborative project which allow students can communicate and learn different things with diverse student =s around the world. Technology is play important role in the classroom because when teach expand students' vocabulary, they can used computer to find out what the new words meaning without asking the teacher.Computer is advantage tools for teacher's classroom in the future. With this technology, I think the future of education will make our students successful in their career.

smart board

Flipping a classroom

Flipping a classroom is new to me as future teacher. I think this approach will be useful to me as a teacher because it helps the students prepared the lesson the night before class start, so they can get an idea what they will learn at school tomorrow. This approach also helps students write down questions and information for the discussion in class. Flipping a classroom program takes our students to the next level of learning. It also help students create and having fun with their learning with technology. I think the flipping a classroom is better for teachers and students. It saves for teachers because their students already prepared for the lesson at home. In class, teachers answer all questions student asking instead of standing in front of class to lecture the lesson like they used to do. With this great and useful program. I think students will have more experiences and having while learning.

flipping classroom

C4T Summary posts and comments, Project #4

The first post I read on Mr.David's blog is " Teachers are made, not born". In the post, Mr.David said,"teaching are learned activity" such as they used flawed model for understanding teaching. The teachers using the flawed model often like blaming for students for not knowing thing.

When teachers start teaching, it take ten years for them to begin to plateau in terms of their expertise. Most of educators working to improving their practice and getting feedback for their works. The best feedbacks the teachers receive are effectiveness of their work and how impact it has on students learning in their classroom. If teachers want to prove education, they need to plan schools so teachers are giving more time to collaborate and plan their work together.

Comment: Yes, I completely agree with you that teacher are made, not born. We have to learn and training to be a good teacher. Nobody perfect, teachers are learning and practicing while teaching. Teachers can learn through their mistakes and feebacks. I have same thoughts as you that if you want to improve education, we need to plan , create activity, work with the plan and build up experiences through effectiveness.

" Seven questions from my son" is the title of the post.

Here are seven questions my son asked today. Who invented buildings?

Why don't we slip on salt?

When you hold your eyes closed does more water get on the eyeballs than just blinking?

Why do hummingbirds move so fast?

Why are butterflies so pretty?

How did we get the name "people"?

Why do bees hum?

Comment: I really like seven questions from your son, Mr.David. When I was a kid, I never asked anybody questiones like that. Your child is intelligent. He wants to know how everything happened and why it happened that way. From those questions, I think your child is like and interesting in science. Asking question is a good way for kids to learn and the hints for parents to know what their kids interesting in. From that, parents can easily understand and support for their child to learn what they like.